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We want you to know our philosophy on yoga which can conjure images of dancers, models and gymnasts doing poses on magazine covers.  The Harlem Wellness Center loves first timers and expands the practice of experienced students.  We support you where you are and allow you to quickly discover how awesome you are!  You don’t have to be an acrobat to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Join us for a beginner or intermediate session.  We’ll always focus on the basics of breath, alignment, and a sequence that leaves you feeling connected in mind, body and soul. Our classes are led by highly qualified, supportive and warm instructors and will leave you feeling like a million bucks! To join our mailing list contact


•Yoga 6:30pm

•Yoga 9:30am
•Yoga 6:30pm

•Yoga 6:30pm (BEGINNER)

•Yoga 9:30am (level 2)
•Chair 12:00pm
•Yoga 11:00pm (BEGINNER)

Harlem Holistic Wellness Week 2017 (April 29-May 6)
Theme: Discovering Wellness Options for Women [RSVP required for special events below]

Monday May 1 6:30pm
Women’s candlelight yoga
Join us for a gentle yoga practice designed to nurture and heal the whole self. We will use props to support poses and affirmations that inspire relaxation, personal connection, courage and goal achievement. Mats will be available. Free

Tuesday May 2 6:30pm
Women’s mindfulness meditation class
Modern science now understands the value of the ancient practices of meditation. Non religious evidence based meditation techniques practiced just minutes a day have been shown to de-stress, improve memory, athletic performance, concentration, and emotional regulation. Come learn through a simple easy to learn technique that you can take with you to start enjoying the many benefits of meditation. Through this calming and gentle practice you will sit in chairs and learn tools to gain a greater sense of wellbeing, personal insight, focus and renewed energy. Women carry so much responsibility. This is a time of self care will help you to rebalance and replenish your body, mind and spirit. A great gift for ourselves and loved ones. Free

214 W. 114th St. (doors open 15 minutes prior to class start time)

*Inquire about our Senior chair exercise and zumba-tastic classes sponsored by Sage, 127 W. 127th St.

Come as you are and we’ll meet you where you are!